Sunday, July 31, 2011

Men's Tank Refashion

Do you like my new shirt?? Cute right?

Well, guess what....I didn't spend a dime on it!  I made it...well sorta! lol  I was digging through some recently rediscovered tshirts of Brian's, and I came across this old tank top.  Oh men's tank tops, lol, classy. 

Determined to never let my husband wear it again, I thought of a tank refashion I had been admiring on Pinterest.  I've never done much sewing, but after studying a few other refashion tutorials online, I set to work!  What's the worst I could do?? Ruin a shirt that Brian hadn't missed in years? lol

My mother-in-law, Carole, had given me one of her old sewing machines and whole basket full of different lace trimmings.  Her mother had been a seamstress, and Carole had a good bit of leftovers! I decided that lace would make for really cute straps and part of the back!

After sewing on the new straps, almost halter style, one long piece, I trimmed up another piece of lace to add to the back.  Since it was a men's XL tank top, the arm holes were a bit larger than I needed, so I made the all together length of the back piece + the straps shorter than original size of the top.  To put the back piece on, I trimmed off the flatter edge of the lace so it would match up with the scalloped edge of the strap piece.

Then I trimmed up the sides to be even with the natural line of the tank.

Sewing it together was a bit challenging being that I didn't have much experience with that machine, and I thought I was done too!  However, once I tried it on, the halter style strap piece stood up kinda funny around the back of my neck, so I trimmed off that flat edge of the lace again to detract from how much stood up, and had to add darts to the back neck.  I know Brian must have thought I was losing it! I kept running from the sewing machine to the mirror, putting on the tank top, adjusting pins, ect.

Finally, I added a sash to the front corner to make a bow!  And there you go!!

So yay me! I'm kinda proud of myself!  

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