Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fitted Sheet Trick!

I hate folding fitted sheets.  I can never get them to look right, and they make the linen closet look like a disaster zone!  So when I spotted this quick trick online one day, I automatically filed it away somewhere in my brain! lol  

Instead of fitted sheets looking like this.....
...your sheets can look like this!

 Ok, so here's how to get a nice, neat linen closet: 
1. Fold your flat sheet until it's about a quarter of the original size, and place your folded(to the best of your ability! lol), fitted sheet in the center.
2. Fold one side over the fitted sheet.
3.Fold the other side of the flat sheet over the fitted.
4. Fold in both ends and viola! 
So not only do you not see the ugly fitted sheet, but you won't be searching for matching sheets either!  Whoever thought of this should get an award! lol

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  1. Excellent idea! I wanna organize my linen closet now. Love you big!!