Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love Pinterest

So I have to share a bit about my newest online obsession: 

Pinterest is a great website where you create 'pin boards' about everything you love, and you 'pin' things to each pin board that go along with it! You can find anything you want from outfits, wedding ideas, recipes, diy crafts, home decor, ect. 

Here are a few of the ideas that I've already gotten from this wonderful compilation of genius ideas... an easy, but intricate up-do!  Here's the how-to:
...and here's how mine turned out!
a little messy, but you get the idea!

I've also gotten some great crochet ideas, like making my own kitchen rug from a sheet!
This is the picture from Pinterest...
Cute right?
So I turned this sheet...
$1 from the thrift store! notice the Looney Tunes? lol
...into this rug!
No more Looney Tunes! lol

And today, I curled my hair with not only with ZERO HEAT, but with a SOCK! lol 
This is the original picture from Pinterest...
And mine turned out like this!
excuse the picture...I had Brian take it with my phone!
It worked great, and here's the tutorial!  Now that I've done it once with my hair and layers, I know what will work better so it'll be even cuter next time! :)

If you don't have a Pinterest account, you should consider joining the site because it's just chock full of fabulous ideas!  I'm officially addicted! lol

Much love -
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