Monday, June 28, 2010

Packing, packing, and More Packing...

The past few days, we have been trying to pack up as much as possible. Brian's mom, Carole, is flying in tomorrow to drive back with him, and he is leaving on Thursday. However, this packing this is so overrated. It's definitely sad to be packing up to leave for good the house I've lived in since I was seven. And just about everything has a memory attached. Not to mention that packing in general is just plain not fun. Oh well, we're excited for this new start and opportunity to establish ourselves! We're so ready for this adventure to begin! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Shopping and Date Day

So I took the day off work today, and Brian and I ran errands, shopped and went to dinner and a movie. It was definitely much needed, and we really enjoy ourselves.
Our first stop was Petsmart. We really only went in to turn in the info to register for a Pet Perks Card, but we ended up combing the clearance bins too! We found bow a cute, patriotic rope toy and a sweater for the winter time. He loves his new toy, and the sweater is soo cute! :)
Next up was Bed, Bath, & Beyond, where to my surprise, our $50 gift card was still full! And to top it off, we had a coupon for 20% off our entire purchase! We picked up several things for our new bathroom and kitchen. To top it off, we only spend 24 cents out of pocket, which was really exciting! It's the little things now! lol
Then, we were off to Discover Mills Mall to exchange some shorts from Eddie Bauer that I had bought Brian last weekend in Dawsonville. Instead of shorts, we both walked out with a pullover/jacket. We also stopped by Ross, where I made my favorite purchase of the day: a red, buff, and green paisley skillet!! (I'll try to post a pic as soon as I figure out how! lol) Brian agreed that I could have it if I would make him breakfast with it! lol After spending a sufficient amount of money, we headed over to Johnny Carinos for dinner, and then to the movie theater to see Grown Ups! Both dinner and the movie were fantastic!
It was wonderful afternoon and evening, and Brian and I finished it off with some Brusters before calling it a night. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Official!

So it's official! We're moving to Canada! With all of the frustrations of trying to find a job, Brian and I decided that we would take a job wherever we could get it, and he was recently offered his old position with the Bank of Montreal. We have started the paperwork towards my teaching permit and know a few people in the school system that will hopefully help things along.
Brian has to be back on the 5th of July, so he's leaving a week from today. However, I just mailed off for my passport with my new name, so I will be staying until I get it. I might as well make a little extra money and spend time with the people I love while I have the chance.
The move is not going to be permanent. We only intend to live there for a few years, long enough to save up some money and the economy to turn around. I am a little scared to be moving so far from everyone and everything I'm familiar with (including the langauge!), but I'm looking at it as an adventure! We're excited that things are turning around! We really appreciate everyone's well wishes and thoughts!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Mobile Too!!

Just downloaded an app to blog from my iPod! :)

New Blog!

Hey! So I am trying my hand at blogging! :) I'm hoping this will help us all stay in tune with each others' busy lives!