Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Easy, Even I Can Do It! :)

Ask anyone who has lived with me…especially my mother or my college roommate, Lolly…and they will tell you that I am not the neatest person.  Since I’ve been married, I’ve been trying a bit harder to stay on top of household chores and clutter, but let’s face it, I am just not gifted in this particular area! So when I got this article on an email from The Nest, it definitely piqued my interest!

How to Organize in 20 Minutes or Less!

I found that it was full of great ideas that even I can do!  I’ve already hung a board for my jewellery and color-coded my closet and will hopefully use a few more of their tricks!

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  1. awww GOOD JOB! :) I have a jewelry thing Ligia made me & it helps ALOT! And i color coordinate my clothes!! haha LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!! i need to get a