Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahh, noo!!

Army Wives is my absolute favorite show, and now they're killing someone off!! Noo!! I'm so sad! I don't know what it is about this show, but its so easy to connect with the characters and get hooked!
Most people don't know that i was almost an Army wife myself! Brian went to North Georgia for the ROTC program, to commission as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army. When it came time for pre-commissioning activities and requirements, the ROTC department told him that it was no longer a possibility for him because he is Canadian. So plan b!
I am so thankful to have my husband home with me, but I have the utmost respect for Army wives. They pay a huge sacrifice to our country and are rarely recognized for it. So here's to the Army's unseen heros: the wives.

Army Wives Season 5 Episode 4 Preview

Now if only Canadian television would pick up the latest season! lol

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  1. RE: your response on my blog.
    I was scratching my head at that one--
    I was like, Brian said "Ahhh" "oh my gosh" and "eeekk"??? WOW! How...cute! haha