Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Ok, so I'm stealing this idea from my Little, Caroline.


1. Harry Potter
Right now, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (wow, what a mouthful!), and I love it!  I think this is in large part due to my fanaticism about the books, but ever since I picked up the first one in sixth grade, I've been hooked!  I'm super excited for HP7: Part 2 to come out in July!  My brother-in-law, Ian, and I already have a date to go see it in 3D!  Can't wait!

2. crocheting and crafts
I am almost halfway through the first of three baby blankets for babies due in August, September, and November.  I am so grateful that my grandmother taught me how to crochet and that I can create handmade goodies for those who are important to me.
I am in the middle of several other crafts at the moment, but the problem is I can't just run out to Micheal's like I used to back home (or even Walmart for that matter!).  The closest Micheal's is across the border in Plattsburgh, NY, and if I wanted to go shopping in Plattsburgh, I'd have to drive 45 min, cross an international border, drive another 20 min, find whatever I'm looking for, and then pay import taxes on once I get back to the border.  Kinda a hassle for just a few craft supplies.  But as soon as I get what I need, be on the lookout for a zipper rosette necklace and a revamped bookshelf! :)
3. the weekend of May 7th
May 7th is our first anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already! So much has happened since our wedding, but I love where we are in our lives and am excited for where we're going!
 I am excited for Friday, May 6th for an entirely different reason however! My mom is coming to visit!  I am soo stinkin excited!! Her company has been invited to a workshop and awards banquet which just so happens to be in Montreal, and they've asked her to represent them at it!  She's coming in on Friday, and we'll have the whole weekend to hang out and see the sites...not to mention Sunday is Mother's Day!

4. a good book
I started reading this book about a week ago, and it's a great read so far! I've heard about the book series before, saw the movie previews, and thought it sounded pretty interesting. Something Borrowed hits theaters May 6, so I'm trying to finish by then! It also doesn't hurt that John Krasinski (Jim on The Office) is in the movie either! ;)
 5. hockey
For anyone who doesn't know, my husband is a HUGE Boston Bruins fan!  The first round of playoffs are going on now, and like baseball (I think! lol), it's best of seven.  Boston is playing Montreal first round, the 32nd time in history this has happened.  The two teams have a notorious rivalry, and the series is 2-1 Montreal with game 4 tomorrow! Who would have ever thought I would like hockey? lol

On another note, we've had several people in my family become seriously ill in the past few months.  My grandfather on my mother's side came down with pneumonia early this year, had a month long hospital stay, and is in a rehab facility, recuperating.  My aunt, Stephanie's mom, is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and being unbelievably brave and positive.  And just this Sunday, my grandmother of my father's side suffered a stroke.  Doctors don't see why she can't make a full recovery, however, there is a long road ahead.  She is still in the hospital now but will probably be moved to a rehab facility by the end of the week. 
I would sincerely appreciate you keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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  1. Ok, I am getting soft in my old age. Just had tears when I read that your mom gets to come visit you and you get to be with her on Mother's Day!
    love you big!

  2. This is ALL that you're loving right now?! ;)

  3. No, Shannon, that's not all I'm loving right now! I was planning on doing a whole post about my amazingly talented little sister pretty darn soon! lol

  4. I'm under Justins account & not sure how to change it to mine, oh well ill figured it out later! Anywaysssss, I bought the book 'something borrowed' bc it reminded me of the movie 'Hes just not that into you' & then i saw it on a preview i freakeddd!! haha But i havnt even started reading it..better get on that! LOVE YOU!!! Miss you!!! I should get we will see! ha ok im done! xo