Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Centerpiece

I was reading the other day on one of my fav blogs (and for the life of me, I can’t find which one it was!) about how she finds all kinds of things for her home at the thrift store. She said she’s addicted to great deals and just can’t resist. She buys things, and totally revamps them with spray paint, ect.
Well, I decided I was going to scope out my local thrift store! Right off the bat, I found tons of dried flowers, mason jars, lace, zippers, and a roll of grey cotton t-shirt material. IMG_6098 Notice the 50 cent tags… yeah, I walked out for a grand total of $3! And I had a uses in mind or at least 3 projects! So, if the thrift store can help my crafting budget, why the heck not??
So first, I got to work on the mason jar centerpiece! The lace I got was super antique-y/vintage, and I thought it would add just the perfect frilly touch to countryish jar. (And yes, it says CANADIAN MASON JAR! lol I didn’t even know they made different jars here! Cool little addition once it does make a journey back across the border in a few years!)
IMG_6099After gluing the lace, I headed to our back porch to assemble the flowers bc I just knew they were going to make a mess! I was right. :) But after putting it all together, I love it!
With our dining table is stained with a red hue and the curtains are red and gold damask, this extra pop of color in our very ‘seagull’ (a.k.a. beige) dining room and kitchen is the perfect touch!
So just what am I going to do with those zippers, you ask… Stay tuned! :)

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