Sunday, June 5, 2011

Revamped Bookcase!

Have an old bookcase around the house in need of sprucing up? Maybe a china cabinet or kitchen cabinets with glass doors?  
Well, being newlyweds and still not having accumulated much of our own, we take advantage of what our family and friends are willing to part with! It just so happened that one of our friends was downsizing and had an old  bookshelf she wasn't going to have room for! Just our luck!
Here it is, a plain wooden bookshelf....

 So the wheels in my head started turning! We already had a can of white paint on hand (that we got for free by the way because it been dropped and was leaking...we just happened to have an empty white paint can that we poured it into...say hooray for a free gallon of paint! lol) and I have tons of wallpaper left over from our dining room, which I'm obsessed with by the way!

The bookshelf got a fresh (few) coats of paint...

...and some wallpaper....

(I promise I did most of the work on this! I just happened to snap pictures when Brian was touching up my mistakes! lol)
And voila!
It's hard to see the wallpaper, but it's kind of tone on tone damask with a sheen.  The bookcase is the perfect new home for some of our wedding things that we just didn't know what to do with!

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