Friday, June 10, 2011

Losing the Newlywed Nine (or maybe a lil more!)

Ok, so today I happened to bump into someone Brian went to high school with while at the drug store.  She has had 2 babies in less than 2 years, and the younger one is only a few months old.  However, she looks amazing!  I swear, there can be no way she has had a baby so recently!! 

If you put the two of us next to each other, and asked someone which one of us had a baby 3 months ago, I would be a dead wringer.  It's that bad.  I've heard of the 'newlywed nine,' but I didn't really think I would gain it...and I def didn't think I would gain more than that either!  Looking at recent pictures of myself compared to pictures of my wedding, I'm disgusted.  

Anyway, back to the girl with 2 babies AND the fabulous body ...  She said she'd been doing this work out online called Body Rock.  It's completely free and workouts are posted almost everyday.  The workouts include just a few pieces of equipment, equipment that you can easily find other household items to use instead.  Each exercise is broken down, step by step, and there's a quick video that runs through the workout.  

So I tried it...what's the harm right?? lol This is me after my workout today...

I about died!  It was soo intense!  I was sweating like a pig, couldn't do all of the reps, and had to take breaks pretty frequently.  I'm challenging myself to start doing this everyday, so when you talk to me, ask me if I did my Body Rock that day!

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