Friday, November 19, 2010

Where’s my Thanksgiving?

In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, on what the US knows as Columbus day.  Growing up back home, my mom never put up the Christmas tree or any other decorations until a day or two after Thanksgiving, but here, people have just skipped right to Christmas!  And to be honest, it’s throwing me off a little!  Without Thanksgiving as we Americans know it, Canadians just make the leap from Halloween to Christmas!  Lights have started popping up since the beginning of November, and Christmas decorations have been in the stores since September. 

Therefore, in honor of my new home and their lack of a November Thanksgiving, I’m decorating for Christmas early as well, starting with my blog!  (It’s also due to the fact that I will be going back home to Georgia for Thanksgiving with my parents and sister, so I don’t actually need any Thanksgiving decor!)  And what better way to decorate my blog for Christmas than in red, buff, and green? 

And to match my blog, here is a picture of my lovely dining room! IMG_5702

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