Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Never-Ending Search

So here is an update on the whole house hunt…we have attempted to buy 3 different houses:

House #1 – A cute little house.  Needed some work, and a good scrub.  Put in an offer. It was countered, and we accepted the counter.  Then, it fell through at the bank.

House #2 – A semi-detached foreclosure, but very clean and nothing to do.  Put in an offer, and waited for a while.  They countered higher than we wanted to pay, so we walked away.

House #3 – A nice little split level house, very clean, but needed some things replaced.  We put in an offer, but so did two others.  We were the lowest offer.

So, it feels as though this house hunt will never end!  We’re looking in Chateauguay, Mercier, Lery, Beauharnois, St. Martine, and anywhere else that is nearby. 

Map picture

Oh, and another update!  I had a job interview this morning at a preschool.  One reason for blogging right now is because I’m just waiting for a phone call!! They said I’d know this afternoon because the job starts Monday!  So prayers and fingers crossed!!  I’ll keep you posted!

Another thing!  Brian and I both got Blackberries!  So if you have a Blackberry, shoot me an email with your PIN, and we can chat!  :)

Also, now that I have this awesome new computer, I can upload that video of Bow that I tried to do a couple weeks ago!  So here’s Bow, truly being himself!  (Please ignore me!  I sound so weird! lol)

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