Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don’t Look Behind the Shower Curtain…

I had been planning to surprise my babies in Dahlonega for a little over a month, and on Tuesday, February 8th, I did it! 

Brian got a promotion at work that required a week of training in Toronto. I decided that I was most definitely not going to stay home alone.  So, after a gruelling overnight flight and early morning connection, I arrived in Atlanta on Sunday morning.  I spent the day with my parents and Shannon, going to her tumbling lesson, and watching the Super Bowl, and Monday was shopping with Shannon. 

Tuesday was the big day!  Only four girls from Alpha Gam knew I was coming, so strategic planning was key! My Big, Amy, and my Grand-Little, Miranda, picked me up at home; we did some quick wedding shopping for Miranda’s and headed up to Dahlonega.  Missy was another of the four who knew I was coming and had deliberately planned a pot luck dinner before chapter that night so I could make a grand entrance!  All of the girls had a sorority event, so Miranda and I headed to Missy’s to wait for everyone while Amy went to pick up some food for dinner.  The plan was for me to wait in the basement for everyone to get there, and then I’d come out and surprise everyone.  Well, about 15 minutes before everyone was supposed to get there, someone tries to walk into the house.  Assuming it’s Amy, I’m unfazed, but we quickly realized that it was most definitely not Amy and was Mariah, my Grand-Little!  I ran to the closest place I could get to….the bathroom! lol  Glad to have narrowly escaped without being noticed, I just start listening in from behind the door.  As more girls arrived,  I decided that the bathroom door wasn’t the greatest refuge and moved as stealthily as possible to the shower and closed the curtain. 

I hid in the shower for a good 15-20 minutes when I heard my phone start to ring!  In my rush to hide, I had left my purse on the table, and Miranda didn’t know where I had gone and was calling me to find out!  My Little, Caroline, found the ringing phone, located it in my purse, and recognized my dog on the background!  However, after some swift convincing from Miranda and a guilt trip from Missy she quickly dismissed it. Crisis averted!  Realizing where I was, Missy ‘dismissed herself to the bathroom,’ shoved the shower curtain aside, and gave me the biggest hug ever! 

After leaving me, she corralled everyone into her bedroom, closed the door, and told them to close their eyes.  Missy, Amy, and Miranda finally let me out of the shower and hid me behind the three of them.  They opened the door to Missy’s room, and had the girls open their eyes as they yelled surprise!!!……and all they saw was the three of them standing there. The girls were so confused, and I think kind of irritated at this point! lol Amy, Missy, and Miranda counted to three and jumped aside, and I popped up screaming!!!!  My Littles, Caroline and Lauren, literally tackled me almost to the floor!  It was a great feeling!!

I was so excited to see all of my babies and to meet my new ones!  One of them, my newest Great-Grand-Little, Faith, was the final Alpha Gam to know I was coming, and it was fabulous meeting her too!  Here are some pictures of our new, and improved Upsilon Family Tree!! (minus my Twin Kasey!! Sad day!!)




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