Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally Together :)

Excuse me for being a bit delayed on posting since I've been in Canada!

My little, Caroline, and I left last Friday and ended up driving all the way to Glen's Falls, NY in one day to Brian's Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank's house. I have to say that the wonderful Miss Caroline Jackson is, hands down, the best road trip partner ever! It didn't even feel like we'd been in the car anywhere near 17 hours! Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania got a little boring, but we managed. The views during the rest of the trip made up for it!

We also really wished that Syracuse was on the way so we could stop at Syracuse University, where Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904!!

The next day, we did some shopping, and Brian showed us around Saratoga Springs, NY. It's a very picturesque, historic town. It's famous for it's horse race track as well. Of course, Caroline and I managed to find some great red, buff, and green decor around town!!

Also, Saratoga Springs has a Caroline Street (well known for its bars! lol).

Caroline's flight left bright and early on Sunday morning, and Brian and I left for Canada later on that day. I have to say that it is a very strange concept for me to have my car in Canada; it's never left Georgia before now! lol Anyway, Brian started work on Monday, and we've just been doing little things since I got here. We've been meeting with a realtor, who was a friend of Brian's growing up, and we looked at a few condos. There were two we really liked, however, we found out today that they only allow small pets. In case you haven't met Bowman, he's the size of small livestock! lol Today, the realtor called and had found a new listing of a house. We went to see it, and are going back tomorrow so I'll keep you posted! We'll see!

The rest of the day, I successfully navigated myself around Chateauguay and spent the rest of they day relaxing with Bow. I happened to take him out right at sunset and here are some pics I snapped while out there!

He loves playing with his frisbee, but he was in an especially playful mood tonight!

And, a video to come bc I can't figure it out yet!!

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